The next generation of LEGO sets will be made of plastic, but the next-generation of bricks will be built from metal, a new study by a team of engineers has shown.

In their paper published in Science Advances, the researchers say that the key to making a brick out of plastic lies in the properties of its molecular structure.

This new property is important for building a brick that is flexible, so that it can be bent into a different shape.

And it is critical for making a plastic brick that can withstand the forces of bending it.

In other words, plastic bricks should be made from molecules that can be easily and easily manipulated.

The researchers say this is the key for making an amazingly strong, flexible brick.

The paper, by an international team of researchers, has just been published in the journal Science Advices.

The paper also looks at how this flexibility is achieved, and they also report on how to make plastic bricks out of a variety of materials.

The team of scientists led by Dr. Michael O. Kowalczyk of the University of Wisconsin-Madison says that the strength of plastic bricks depends on how they are made.

The strength of a plastic structure depends on its flexibility.

When you add a bit of stiffness to a rigid material, the stiffness increases.

But when you add stiffness to materials that are flexible, the flexibility decreases.

The researchers say their paper shows that there are two ways to make plastics, and this flexibility can be achieved by using both the rigid and the flexible properties of the materials.

For plastic bricks, there is a property called the Koppelström tensile strength.

Koppels strength is a measure of how much a material can resist bending.

If the Kinkows tensile strengths are low, a material will bend easily, and if they are high, the material will not bend easily.

In the paper, the team explains that this means that a rigid plastic will bend less easily than a flexible one, but that the flexible plastic will not be affected.

When you add strength to a plastic material, you can make it bend more easily.

When that happens, you’re essentially creating a more flexible material, which is what makes plastic bricks.

This means that plastic bricks can be made much more easily than other materials.

In the paper’s introduction, the authors note that plastic can be used to make some of the world’s most popular Lego sets.

They say that these sets include everything from Star Wars to Star Trek.

These sets are made out of bricks made from plastic, and a large part of the Lego brand is built on the plastic that the sets are based on.

If you’ve been watching TV lately, you probably have seen a lot of Star Wars set pieces.

This Lego series, which includes sets from both the Star Wars and the Star Trek franchises, has become a huge hit.

But the plastic bricks that these plastic bricks are made of are not all that strong.

In a study that I did with a group of Lego fans, we found that, while plastic bricks have been shown to be quite strong, the strength has been limited.

They were able to break these Lego sets, but they were also able to bend them without breaking.

In this paper, Dr. Kondrzys team suggests that plastic is far more flexible than other types of materials because of its flexibility properties.

They also say that this flexibility will help them build new kinds of bricks that are much stronger than those made from the traditional way of making bricks.

The scientists who wrote this paper were not sure how they got the information about the strength properties of plastic from the original research.

They believe that the researchers, who are not associated with any other research, were trying to use the information to design a new kind of brick.

But the team says that there is more to the story.

The plastic properties of a material, they believe, have a lot to do with the properties that are important for making the plastic itself strong.

The plastic properties are called the kinkows strength, and these are what make plastic a strong material.

If you add too much kinkow strength to the plastic, it will deform and break.

But if you add enough kinkowed strength, it can bend and resist bending, and it can deform and resist breaking.

The authors of the paper also note that when they use these properties of material, this will make it very easy to make more flexible plastic bricks in the future.

If this is correct, and the properties for making new types of bricks are similar to the properties the researchers were able in the original paper, this could be a big boon for the LEGO brand.

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