On Wednesday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission will release its report on the 2016 death of a Florida woman, Amanda Todd, who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The report was supposed to release last month, but it was delayed until last week when the agency discovered a data breach.

Todd died from asphyxiation after a fall while showering with a friend, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokesman told ABC News.

Todd was 43.

In the wake of Todd’s death, the CPS released its findings on the dangers of hot tubs, bathtubs and other outdoor showers.

Here are the highlights:Hot tubs and bathtubes can pose a risk of drowning when the water temperature reaches the body’s core temperature, according to the CPA.

Hot tubs should be checked before entering and exiting.

A bathtub that has been closed for more than a month is at high risk for an explosion.

Bathtub ventilation is important, as hot tub temperatures can increase with humidity and air pressure.

The temperature at which the water touches the skin, or in the case of a hot tub, the skin surface, can rise to the body or the point of explosion, and the heat can be lethal.

The temperature of the water and the skin can increase in a hot bathtub with low humidity and low air pressure as well as the heat could be lethal to people if the water reaches temperatures that can kill the body, the report said.

If a hot water tub is in use in a home, the heat from the hot water can create a dangerous situation, because of the increased temperature of water and skin, and because of how the hot tub can cause injuries, including burns, burns, abrasions, and internal injuries, the agency said.

A hot tub may not be properly sealed, and hot water may penetrate the wall of the tub or even reach the ceiling of the bathtub.

A hot tub with a hot-water dispenser should be left in a secure location for at least a few hours after use.

A tub should be removed and replaced, the bureau added.

A heat-resistant barrier or window should be installed in the hot-room area to prevent a hot air balloon from entering.

Hot water should be used at a temperature of not more than 90 degrees F (25 degrees C), the bureau said.

Hot water should not be used if the temperature is higher than 75 degrees F, because it can cause skin burns and internal and external injuries.

If hot water is used for a prolonged period of time, the hot air can increase the temperature of hot water and damage the tub.

A tub with an outlet in the bottom should not have hot water in the tub, and a hot shower should be avoided, the Bureau of Consumer Protection added.

The bureau said it will continue to monitor the dangers posed by hot tub use.

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