A kitchen that can be rebuilt by hand is a very different thing to one that requires expensive machinery.

But there’s an easy way to create one from the ground up.

A new BBC Radio 4 documentary explores the process of building a new kitchen.

The programme is called How to Fix a Broken Kitchen, and it focuses on a house in Nottingham that was sold to a buyer who wants to renovate the home.

He needs to replace the kitchen cabinets and appliances, but they’re in such bad shape that they cannot be repaired.

In order to do that, the house’s builder has had to find a new way of doing things.

BBC Radio Nottingham: You’ll hear more from the makers of this new programme on BBC Radio 3 at 20:30 BST on Monday, July 12.

In the programme, the team at the Nottingham House Association – which has worked with the property company to create the new kitchen – tell you how they’ve been able to restore the kitchen without rebuilding the whole house.

How to Replace a Broken Home A new kitchen can be replaced by hand The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a very basic kitchen.

You’ll need a bucket to fill the kitchen with water, and a couple of sheets of aluminium foil for the cabinets.

Then you’ll need to cut off the existing metal pieces of the kitchen, and lay down new ones.

There’s no heating or air conditioning, and no electrical outlets.

You won’t be able to see the original cabinet.

The kitchen was a casualty of the Second World War, and many of the cabinets were knocked over or damaged.

You can see the old kitchen here, and the new one here.

But the most basic kitchen is still in good shape.

It was built with an old, wooden box that was covered in the old tin, and covered in old wallpaper.

The box was left outside in a very poor state.

The metal was corroded, and some of the metal was falling out of the walls.

There was also an old dishwasher that had been knocked over.

So, after a lot of work, they came up with this simple idea of rebuilding the kitchen.

We wanted to take the old box and the old wallpaper, and put in a new wooden box.

We started with a lot less work than the old house.

The old box was about 1.5 metres long, and 1.8 metres wide, so the whole kitchen was about 3 metres long.

We put a small window in there, so we could see what was happening in the kitchen in the daytime, and see what had happened in the night.

The second plan was to rebuild the old wooden box and replace the cabinets with new ones, but the old wood was very brittle.

So we had to go and find a way to replace that.

This is what the old one looks like.

The new box is made from aluminium, so it’s much stronger.

The cabinets are made of metal, so they’re much stronger and they can withstand the loads of the house and the electricity.

The problem is, there’s no way to get these things out of this box.

So the team decided to make something else.

They were going to replace them with new wood.

The wood is so much stronger than the previous wood that the team had to use a hammer to break it apart.

It took them three days to break this piece of wood.

It’s called a hammerboard, and they used to hammer these things all the time, but these days they use this machine that goes around the back of a hammer.

They use a special tool that cuts into it, so there’s a hammer, a piece of steel, a bit of a drill bit, and then a little bit of wire.

The team then used that to cut a piece off of the wood, and with a pair of pliers they were able to get the wood out.

It looked like this: This is the new box that they have to rebuild.

So you see, this is the old metal box that’s on the left.

And this is what you see on the right.

They’ve made a whole new wooden wall to replace this old one.

The entire kitchen has been rebuilt from scratch Now you can see how much work this process has taken.

The first step is to build a new floor and replace all the furniture.

And then you have to take this piece and put it in the new wooden floor.

You have to put in this piece that you’re going to build on, and you have a piece that goes under the old floor, and under the new floor.

The whole kitchen has now been rebuilt, and this is how it looks: It’s almost finished, but you can still see how it’s made.

You see how the old iron bar is still there.

There are a lot more steps to this, but it’s quite a long process to rebuild a kitchen from scratch.

And once you’ve done it, the only thing left to do is to put the whole

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