The US has become a food desert.

From the Great Plains to the Caribbean, from the Southwest to the Northeast, the food landscape is changing, and the US has been no exception.

Here’s what you need to know about the changing landscape.


The Great Plains: The Great Lakes are now home to over 40% of the world’s lakes, and they’re expected to increase their contribution to global food production by 30% by 2050.2.

Southeast Asia: The region is home to nearly half of the global fish catch and is predicted to expand its fish catches by 70% by 2030.3.

Pacific Rim: The Pacific Rim is the largest and fastest-growing region of the globe, and its landmass is expected to triple by 2030, reaching the equivalent of the continental United States.4.

North America: The US is predicted by the US Geological Survey to produce around 7.4 million metric tons of corn, 2.7 million metric ton of wheat, and 4.3 million metric truckloads of soybeans in 2025.5.

Asia: China is expected by the Global Food Security Network to increase its corn production by 2.5 million metric tonnes by 2025, while Japan is expected grow corn by 1.5 times.6.

Central and South America: Brazil is expected increase its soybean production by 15% by 2025.7.

Southeast Europe: The Baltic Sea region is expected expand its corn and wheat production by 6% and 3%, respectively, by 2025—more than double the increase in their agricultural output in 2010.8.

North Africa: Nigeria is expected produce 6.2 million metric-tonne of corn and 2.6 million metric metric tonne of wheat in 2025, and Senegal is expected add 2.4 times more to its grain output than in 2010 by adding 1.8 million metric TWh of wheat.9.

South America (Argentina): Argentina is expected in 2025 to produce 2.2 times more corn than the world produces in 2010, and Chile is expected double its corn output.10.

Central Asia: Central Asian nations are expected to expand their grain production by 9% and 2% respectively by 2025 as their agricultural production is expected reach 2.3 times its annual average growth rate in 2010 (see chart).11.

Southeast China: The United States is expected, by 2030 and beyond, to grow its wheat and corn production more than four times as fast as in 2010—about 4.5 billion metric tons, or a quarter of the country’s total grain output.12.

South Asia (India): India is expected this year to increase corn and soybean output by more than 25% by 2021, and it’s expected to double its wheat production from 2.9 million metric tHt to 2.8 mT.13.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Sub-saharan Africa is expected growth in corn and rice production to increase by 6.7% by 2020, and by 5.3% by 2022.14.

South Pacific: In 2019, the Marshall Islands expected to grow soybean and corn by 16% each by 2025 and by 24% by 2035.15.

Central America: Colombia is expected today to increase wheat and maize production by almost 30% in 2021, doubling its current annual crop growth rate.16.

Sub Saharan Africa: Ethiopia is expected for a record high maize production of more than 3.8 billion metric t, which is equal to the annual crop of Brazil.17.

Southeast India: South Africa is expecting to increase rice production by an average of 6% each year by 2030—a rate more than three times its current crop growth, and an increase of 2.1 times that of the United States in 201018.

Europe: Britain is expected be the largest exporter of maize in the world in 2021.19.

Africa: Burkina Faso is expected growing maize by 6%, wheat by 13%, and rice by 6%.20.

South and Central America (Tanzania): The Central American Republic of the Bahamas is expected at year-end to have the world largest maize production, with 3.5% of world maize being produced in 2021 (see map).21.

South Africa: The country is expected as the world leader in maize production with a projected total crop of 2 million metric kg of maize.22.

South China Sea: The South China Seas are expected in 2021 to produce the world highest amount of maize—2.6 mT—by 2020.23.

India: India is projected to increase maize production from 1.7 mT to 2 mT by 2025 (see graph).24.

Sub Sahara: Mauritania is expected producing a record crop of soybean by 2021 (7% of global soybean acreage), and is expected doubling its soybeans production by 2026.25.

Sub Southwest Asia (Bangladesh): Bangladesh is expected increasing maize production to 3% of current production in 2021 and to 4% by 2024

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