Designing an interior can be a bit of a chore, but here are some tips to help get you started.


Get rid of all the clutter!

“I don’t care how good you look, I don’t want to be on the couch at 2 in the morning,” says Jilli Kast, a designer who lives in New York.

“I want to have the most minimalist spaces, and not be able to find my stuff.”

“I have a room in my apartment where I have a desk and a chair, and I have my dresser and wardrobe, but my closet is just a few pieces,” says Yvette Stahl, a New York-based artist.


Make it your own!

“It’s the least expensive way to create a home and feel at home,” says Kast.

“If you are trying to get your life back, there are things you can do.”


Choose your materials wisely.

“We’re not looking for anything that’s expensive, but the more expensive things the better,” says Stahl.

“Make sure you can afford everything,” she says.


Keep things clean.

“You can do a little research and get a checklist of the things you want to keep and the things that you don’t,” says Bekker.

“And if you have to buy new items, it will make the process easier.”


Avoid clutter by avoiding the most expensive items.

“For example, if you don of a designer dress or leather suit, then you can always go for the cheapest option, but if you’re trying to save money, buy something like a leather dress,” says R.J. Kast from San Francisco.


Look for color.

“The more expensive you buy, the more contrast you can get,” says M.R.K. Stahl from New York City.

“But there are exceptions,” she adds.


Go minimalist.

“There are things that are really cheap, but they are not really that expensive,” says Gail Bekerk from Los Angeles.

“Sometimes it is not a conscious decision, but it is something you can’t help,” says the designer.


Keep it clean and organized.

“It is important to keep your house organized and keep your work organized,” says Doreen R. Kist from New Orleans.


Choose a budget.

“This is the cheapest place to shop and it is the best,” says Shelly Beker.

“Look for everything you want,” she advises.

“Don’t try to do everything at once.”


Make the most out of your closet.

“Choose one item you have that is the most useful, that you can keep,” says F.M.

K from San Diego.


Create space.

“Have a few items on your shelf that are not the most important items,” says C.K., a New Jersey-based designer.

“Then have them be your desk, your dresser, and your bookshelves,” she explains.


Consider storage space.

If you are working with a lot of items, consider moving furniture around or even keeping items on the counter or desk.

“Instead of trying to find the most common stuff, try to find a few things that do something different,” says L.A.-based artist Shelly Kast who lives near San Francisco and is based in New Orleans, LA. 13.

Buy items you love.

“As you start out, make sure you buy things you love,” says Herrmann.

“Buy something you will wear,” she recommends.

“Keep an eye out for accessories,” she suggests.

“Use a tool and create something new,” says J.B. from Los Altos, CA. 14.

Make a list.

“Start out with a list of everything you like and stuff you want and stuff that is important and stuff on the shelf that is not really important,” says P.L. from San Antonio, TX.

“Go through it and figure out what items are the most valuable,” she tells.

“When you start making that list, keep the items on top of the list,” says a San Francisco-based interior designer.


Keep your work on point.

“Find a way to keep everything organized and you will find yourself getting more done,” says Driscoll.

“Create spaces for yourself to be creative,” she urges.

“Just keep it moving and moving and keep getting better,” she cautions.


Keep everything organized.

Keep a notebook or notebook paper handy.

“Once you are able to take a look at the list, you can quickly and easily pull it together,” says Z.L., a designer based in San Francisco, CA, and a resident of New York, NY. 17.

Keep track of the space you use.

“Remember to make sure your space is organized and is well maintained,” says H.R., a San Diego-based architect.

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