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Dogs and cats have been linked to an outbreak of the coronavirus in New York City

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday released new data on the number of cases and deaths from coronaviruses in the United States in the first nine days of October.

The new data show the number was about 3,200, down from 3,500 reported cases in October.

And while the number reported by the CDC fell to 3,100 cases in September, the number is expected to increase in the coming weeks.

“We’re not in a situation where we’re seeing a lot of cases, which we’ve seen throughout the pandemic,” Dr. Andrew Kolodny, the CDC director, said during a briefing at the CDC.

But the number fell short of a 2,000 mark for the month, and the agency said it is “reviewing the numbers for completeness and accuracy.”

The CDC has said that the latest data show that the number rose by 2,500 to about 3.1 million people as of Monday.

The virus is spreading rapidly in the U.S., with many of the cases being in the city of New York, where the coronas are most prevalent.

The outbreak has been a major public health crisis in the New York area, and Mayor Bill de Blasio has called on residents to stay home from October until the coronacovirus is contained.

The latest numbers showed that the death toll from the virus has more than doubled in New Jersey and New York state.

There are now more than 5,800 confirmed cases, including more than 1,600 in New Hampshire, the latest tally shows.

And there are now 892 confirmed deaths.

New York’s governor has said there could be up to 4,000 new coronavires a day by the end of the month.

He has urged residents to be vigilant and to get tested if they’ve had symptoms of the virus.

The city has recorded more than 30,000 cases, with more than 3,000 deaths.

As of Wednesday, the city had nearly 5,700 confirmed cases.

The number of new cases in New England was just over 7,000.

But that’s not nearly enough to push the number past the record of 1,100 reported in September.

The Centers said there were 1,074 deaths in New Orleans, New York and Vermont as of Tuesday.

And the city reported 1,534 new coronacavirus cases, compared to 1,099 reported on Wednesday.

The most recent numbers are likely to increase the number for the next few days.

Dr. David Schlegel, the chief of the CDC’s coronaviral surveillance and prevention division, said the numbers suggest that more people may have been exposed to the virus in New New York than the city’s mayor.

“There is more exposure, but we don’t know how much,” he said.

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