A new study has found that the most common landscaping practices in Australia are environmentally friendly, and have an impact on local communities and the environment.

Key points:The research found that while many people in Queensland prefer to leave their lawns alone, others like to keep them looking greenerSource: The Australian Environment Agency (AEA)Researchers surveyed the residents of the Queensland city of Townsville and found that many people prefer to have their grasses and trees left alone to protect the environment, but other areas of the city did not like the same behaviour.

The research by the Australian Environment and Research Agency (AERA) found that grasses are the most popular landscaping practice in Townsville, and people were more likely to prefer the landscaping over trees.

The study found that people in Townsvillage, and those living in surrounding suburbs like Banyule, Karratha, and North Shore, preferred to leave grass alone.

“We have been seeing these really positive changes to the landscape in Townsvale and that is a big deal,” AERA’s Associate Professor Peter Williams said.

“If you look at how much green areas there are, we’re not getting any more green than we are now, but we’re seeing that we’re actually getting greener.”

Professor Williams said the results could help farmers, landscapers and other land users to reduce carbon emissions and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

“In particular we’re getting really good data from this study that indicates that when we use greener materials in our landscape, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions,” he said.

Professor Williams is currently looking at whether the same techniques can be used to increase soil fertility, which could lead to improved soil health.

“One of the things we’re doing here is to try and identify things like fertilising soils, getting those nutrients that are needed, and then how to do it in the most effective way,” he explained.

“And that’s where our modelling really shines.”

The study, which looked at the behaviour of 6,500 people across Australia, found that residents of Townsvillare, Krawardine, and Banyul, which are located in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, were the most likely to like to leave lawns and trees alone.

Residents of Townsvale were the least likely to want to leave trees and grass alone, with only about 4% of residents preferring the practice to leave them alone.

Karratha was the least popular area, with just 5% of its residents saying they preferred grass to trees.

People living in Banyules, Kerera and Northshore were the second most likely areas to like grass to the greenest, with about 9% of the residents preferring it to trees and trees to grass.

“These areas have really good vegetation, and they’re well-situated,” Professor Williams said of Towns Villages.

“There are no major impacts on the environment at all.

There’s nothing we’re concerned about there.”

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