A DIY gardening tent for backyard gardeners can make a huge difference to the way you get and use your garden, with the latest research suggesting that a little planning can be the key to a healthier garden.

Read more about the research at The Australian Financial Report.

The findings suggest that indoor gardening can be an effective way to help gardeners achieve the best results.

Gardens with a low incidence of disease were found to have more successful indoor gardens.

“It is important to remember that indoor gardening is not about growing more food, it is about ensuring that the nutrients you need are in your soil, and then planting in your garden and harvesting in your yard,” Professor David Hickey from the University of Melbourne’s School of Landscape and Horticulture said.

“Gardeners who do this have more efficient indoor gardens, are more productive, and tend to be happier, healthier and happier people.”

Gardengers who live in cities tend to use more nutrients in their gardens, but in urban gardens, a lot of this comes from the sun.

Gardeners with gardens of more than 10 hectares were found in urban areas to be more productive than those who grew their gardens indoors.

“Our results show that if we can keep the sun out of our garden, then we can be healthier and more productive,” Professor Hickey said.

Dr Hickey’s research found that indoor gardens tend to have fewer pests and are more efficient than outdoor gardens.

But he said indoor gardening needs to be done properly.

“You need to plan your garden well,” he said.

“You need a good plan and you need to make sure you don’t put any of your garden in a bad spot.”

Garden designers can be influenced by what’s in your backyard, and that’s why the research also looked at the effects of different plant species in your local garden.

“There are a lot more varieties of plants in the backyard than there are in the urban environment,” Dr Hickey explained.

“So we think if you are going to put a garden in your back yard, then it is important that you do it well.”

And you also need to look at what your neighbours are doing.

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Get the latest gardening news and advice at the Aussie Financial Report.”,”body”:”The new study found that people who live more than 20 kilometres from their home were significantly more likely to have indoor gardens and less likely to live in urban neighbourhoods.”,”subtitle”:null,”bodyTypes”:[“headline”,”body”,”article”,”content”],”contentTypeTag”:”Feature”,”geoLocationTag”:[“tnc:geographic-location/asia-pacific/asia”],”topicTag”:[“garden-related”,”gardening”,”horticultural-and.-foods”,”hospitals-and%E2%80%99-related”],”businesstags”:[“tnc_tags”,”tnc:topic/conservation-work/land-conserving/agriculture”],”pageImage”:{“small”:”https://natureconservancy-h.assetsadobe.com/is/image/content/dam/tnc/nature/en/photos/tnc_69752742_4000x2200.jpg?crop=533,0,2933,2200&wid=300&hei=225&scl=9.7777777777777779″,”default”:”https:\/\/natureconservancy-hs.assetsadobe:com/ is/image /content/d/d9/d89/d8/9a/d7/a8/d635044d8c8.jpg”,”medium2x”:”https:/ /natureconservancy-hr.assetsadobe,com/ “,”large”:”https ://natureconservancy-hw.assetsadobe

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