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When will we get to a point where we can stop worrying about Trump’s wall and start worrying about the next President?

The interior design industry is booming, with new entrants pouring into the space, and a growing number of companies are starting to make their mark.

But the landscape is changing.

We’re entering a new era, in which people are taking more risks with their design.

In fact, there’s a growing awareness among designers that they need to step up their game to be competitive.

The trend is spreading beyond the home and into a whole host of other industries, from restaurants to the office to the next frontier.

Here’s a look at the trends that are changing the interior design landscape.1.

We need a whole new design vocabularyThe word “innovation” has become synonymous with new products and services.

Yet even as the industry continues to expand, there are still too many people stuck in the old-school thinking that everything needs to be an afterthought.

There’s a whole generation of designers who think they need an entire new vocabulary to bridge the gap between their designs and the rest of the world.2.

The most important piece of furniture should be a piece of artA new study from The Wall Street Journal found that a majority of designers say that the most important tool for the success of their designs is their furniture.

That’s not a new sentiment; it’s just more prevalent these days.

The article also noted that many of the new furniture companies are using the same materials and processes as the older, classic companies.3.

People are paying more attention to design in generalThe study also found that the majority of people are paying a lot more attention than ever to the design of their homes.

And it’s a trend that’s not going away.

More than 40% of respondents say that their home’s design will become more important to them in the next few years.4.

The next big design frontier?

We all know how important furniture can be.

But what if we could use it to bring more attention and excitement to the whole process?

That’s what this week’s Design Matters panel hopes to do with the new Design Week, a series of design competitions that aim to bring design ideas to life.

The goal is to help designers take advantage of the latest trends in design to create designs that are both innovative and affordable.

Design Matters will be taking place at 10 Design Week events across the U.S. from January 19-21, 2018.

Here are a few more of the panels’ panelists who have been talking design and home design in the last year:Sarah Gorman, director of design at the National Design MuseumIn this week, we’ll look at new trends in home design, the state of home design and how we can take advantage.

What are you most excited about this week?

Join us for the Design Matters panels on January 19 and 20 at the Smithsonian’s National Design Institute, the American Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of African American History & Culture.

Check out the full lineup of Design Matters sessions below:Design Matters 2019

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