Cowboys’ Dwayne Harris on what he’d change to fix Cowboys’ ‘sacking culture’

It’s been three weeks since Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray left the team and was suspended indefinitely.

Now, the Cowboys are looking for answers from their offensive line.

The Cowboys have the worst offensive line in the NFL.

But what are the problems?

I asked the offensive line coach, Doug Pederson, about the issue.

Pederson said that he and his staff are trying to fix it.

Pedersen has been on the staff of the Dallas Cowboys since 2011.

He said that his role has changed.

Pedenson, who’s been with the Cowboys for a few years now, is now the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

He’s been on their staff for four years.

He was also the offensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints in 2017.

I asked Pederson about the problems he sees in the Cowboys’ offensive line, and what he thinks the team can do to improve.

Pedson: One of the things that we see is that the way that the offense is set up, and we know the way they play and we see the blocking scheme, the way the blocking schemes are set up for the run game, and the way our receivers play, the fact that we have a bunch of young guys in the locker room, that is the biggest problem that we’re seeing.

The first thing that we saw when I arrived here is that we needed a change.

We saw the way it was set up in practice, and I think that that is what has to change.

The way we were going to play, we were not going to practice like we used to practice.

We were going out there and throwing things at guys and it was just not happening.

It’s just not working for us, I think.

I think we need to make some changes, and that’s a first step.

Peders job is not to sit here and talk about the problem, but to try to get it fixed, so that when it comes to the games we’re going to have to play we have some of the best offensive lines in the league, and when you’re playing well, you can make plays.

And that’s where the emphasis will be.

I would love to see some changes from the offensive linemen.

I don’t think we can sit here with the way we are.

I’m just telling you that it’s not good.

I just feel that it has to be fixed.

And I think the first step, if I can put it that way, is that I want to be able to coach guys in that manner, and coaches that way.

Pedners success has been linked to his offensive line since he joined the Eagles, and Pederson has been very vocal about the issues that are plaguing the unit.

Pedes last year offensive line coordinator, Greg Olson, was the first offensive coordinator to be suspended for a year in Philadelphia.

Pedernys offensive line was in need of a shake-up, so Pederson took on a new role.

He had to change his style of play.

He needed to make a lot of adjustments.

Pedrons style of offense in Dallas is set-up to be different, and it has been.

He wants to bring the offensive game back, and he wants to do it faster.

Pedre’s been successful in the past with running backs.

The former Dallas Cowboys’ first-round pick was the league’s most productive running back in 2014.

He finished with 1,907 rushing yards and scored 11 rushing touchdowns.

Pedron had an injury-shortened season, and was on injured reserve in 2015.

He then went on to have a very productive rookie season with the Seattle Seahawks.

He rushed for 1,848 yards and had four touchdowns, as well.

Pedrone is also the coach of a team that has been through some changes before.

The Dallas Cowboys have had some of their best seasons at quarterback since Jerry Jones left to become the owner of the Los Angeles Rams.

Quarterback Dak Prescott had a great rookie season, but he was injured and eventually traded to the Chicago Bears in February of 2019.

After missing most of the season with a knee injury, Prescott went on injured reserves in March of 2019 and then suffered another injury-related setback in December of 2019, when he tore his ACL.

Prescott then underwent arthroscopic surgery in November of 2020.

He returned in time for the start of training camp in 2021.

Prescott was not on the field for Dallas’ season opener against the Atlanta Falcons, but did return to the field in Week 1 of the 2017 season.

He missed Week 4 of the 2018 season with an injury, but returned to play the next week and led the Cowboys to a 24-13 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

Prescott played a huge role in Dallas’ winning streak that started in Week 8 of the 2019 season.

Prescott’s play and the Cowboys ability to score touchdowns led to the Cowboys making the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Pedenion, however, is not

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