Home owners are often concerned about the smell of their home and how it will affect their kids.

And that’s where the DIY community comes in.

If you want to get rid of that “dirty” smell, here are some tips for cleaning up after a fire.


Use a spray bottle.

You can spray water on the outside of the house and then use a spray or other cleaner to get your hands dirty.

You don’t have to be an expert to use a little spray bottle to get dirty, but it can help.

You also can spray paint or clean up a stain on the carpet with water.


Put your pets to sleep in a pet bed.

You’ll want to use the pet bed as a sleeping pad and have your kids put it down and make sure your dog doesn’t jump out of it.

If it’s not a dog bed, put it in a bucket or tub and have them place their head on the top.

The pet bed will also help you make sure no one comes into your home while you sleep.


Get rid of your trash.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I can’t just throw all the garbage out.

How can I clean up after it?”

There are a few things you can do to keep your home clean.

Take your trash to a recycling center and put it into a plastic bag.

You may want to place a small plastic bag in the trash can, too.

If your trash isn’t large enough to hold all the trash, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the garbage, and put the plastic bag into a bag and put a plastic lid on it. 4.

Clean out your house before you leave.

You have to get the trash out before you can leave your home.

If there’s debris inside the house, you might want to remove it with a piece of plywood or a vacuum or a saw.


Check your pet.

If the pet has been sick or injured, get him checked out.

You need to be prepared for the worst and you need your pet to be well and ready to go before you move on to the next phase.


Go to the pet store.

There are pet stores that can help you clean up your pet’s messes.

Pets that are in pain or have been sick should be seen by a veterinarian.

Pets with a contagious illness should be checked out by their veterinarian, too, so they can be treated and returned to their owners.


Clean up after yourself.

If that’s your first fire, it might be a good idea to check your house for smoke and mold.

If smoke and debris are found, you need a fire alarm and make yourself aware of the situation.

If someone’s inside the home, take a look for any suspicious activity, including mold and smoke.

Make sure to clean up the area as quickly as possible, and make any other necessary repairs before leaving.


Clean windows.

Make the windows look nice and tidy, too!

If you have a lot of windows in your house, there are a number of ways to clean them.

A window frame can be painted black and sealed shut with paint.

A new window can be installed in the back window to keep out any dust or debris.

If windows are in poor condition, you could use an old paint chip to make them look new and better.

You could also use the same paint chip on your windows or ceiling.


Change the thermostat.

Some people find it easier to move their thermostats on and off with their fingers than using a power outlet.

You do need to use some kind of electrical outlet to start and stop the therampower.

If using a hot water heater, check to make sure the temperature is not too high.

If a thermostatic switch is required, you’ll need a power cord.

Make your changes on a timer and leave the house for a few minutes.

You should have the therometer running on the next day, too and not wait for the temperature to go up. 10.

Change your lights.

If any of your lights have been damaged or if they’ve been on for a long time, you may want some time to replace them.

There’s no need to take a lot to a store or online, but you should make sure you get the most current model and best quality.

You’re going to need a flashlight, a remote control, and a battery, too if your house is going to be in a lot.

You want to replace your lights every so often, too so they don’t get caught on the roof.


Get your children ready for bed.

Many kids will wake up their parents to get ready for school, and you should try to give them some help in getting dressed and ready.

You will also want to take them to the grocery store to buy snacks and treats, too to help them prepare for bedtime.


Keep your home tidy. Clean

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