DIYs new DIY project for DIYer: 3D-printed 3D printer with an LCD display

DIYs is a company that makes a lot of 3D printers, and they’re trying something new: a digital 3D printed printer with a LCD display.

The company says that it’s the world’s first fully 3D 3D printable LCD display, which makes it a perfect addition to any DIYer’s arsenal.

The 3D LCD display has been in use for years by people who have trouble finding their LCDs, but DIYs hopes that it can revolutionize how we design things, design things in ways that we can’t imagine ever being possible. 

DIYs’ LCD display is designed to work with the company’s 3D Printing app, which allows users to download 3D models of objects to 3D printing files, and then to 3d print objects to that file. 

The display has three screens, with an option for a left and right-side view, allowing users to see where the objects are on the object and how the object is oriented. 

It’s made of polycarbonate, a material that’s commonly used in some 3D manufacturing processes, and the material is incredibly strong. 

One thing that makes the display stand out is that it uses a liquid-filled plastic called plasticizer, which is able to adhere to the plastic without requiring any support or pressure from the user.

The display is not waterproof, and should it get wet or if the user’s hands get dirty, the display will dry completely. 

“The idea is to bring an LCD to life,” the company explains on their website.

“We’re not making a high-end display.

We’re making a LCD that can be 3Dprinted and print.

We believe 3D displays are going to be ubiquitous, and we think it will be a major step forward in the development of 3d printing.” 

It should be noted that the display does not come with a battery, which could make the display expensive to buy, but it’s still a very solid device, and if you want to get a better look at the display in action, you can watch this short video below. 

You can see more details on the DIY’s Kickstarter page, which you can find here.

Development Is Supported By

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