A new generation of robots is expected to replace humans in jobs ranging from grocery-store checkout to manufacturing and construction, according to a recent report from research firm Gartner.

The move from humans to robots is a big step forward in automation, and it could be as important to the economy as the rise of the automobile.

And the industry is not the only one moving in that direction.

Google is building an artificial intelligence platform that can learn to recognize and follow faces and other data from other people and then translate those into images.

And companies like Amazon are developing robots that can perform tasks like moving a box or picking up a package.

The shift from humans in some jobs to robots in others will probably come as a surprise to people who grew up with the notion that the human brain was not capable of much of anything.

But the rise in automation and robotics in the past few decades has been unprecedented.

For instance, Google has been building its self-driving car since 2013.

And a number of major corporations are now developing robots to help them accomplish complex tasks like cleaning warehouses or delivering packages.

The big question is whether the trend will accelerate or slow down, or whether the technology will continue to evolve to keep up with human performance.

For now, the answer is “both,” said Chris Dixon, director of the Center for Robotics Innovation at the University of Southern California.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on.

But it’s not going to be that simple.”

The biggest change will likely come from automation technologies.

As robots are better able to handle complex tasks, the demand for humans to do those tasks will continue rising.

This is going to put a strain on existing jobs and increase the demand on existing facilities, Dixon said.

“We’re going to see a lot more people moving into jobs that they can do autonomously and autonomously in the future,” he said.

For example, companies will likely have to pay workers more to do things like cleaning, sorting, and organizing their shelves.

As the economy continues to grow, people will need to do a lot less manual labor to keep the system running.

“A lot of the stuff we do is going away,” Dixon said, noting that companies will have to be much more creative in designing new products and services that can help people do tasks that humans can’t.

And if companies can design products that do this, people can do more of the work themselves.

“It’s not just that you have to have robots do the stuff that humans are doing now,” Dixon added.

“You have to actually be able to be creative and have the robots do it.”

In a paper published earlier this year in the journal PLOS ONE, Dixon and colleagues show that humans and robots have vastly different cognitive skills and that the brain is able to adapt to those differences.

In the past, when people were asked to use a simple analogy like “turn the wheel,” it was clear that humans could only do so much.

For the human mind, it’s easy to imagine people trying to turn the wheel and that is a fairly basic task.

The problem is that the more you ask a question, the harder it gets for the brain to get the information to come out, Dixon explained.

But when the human asks a question like “can I get a ride?” it is more like a question about whether or not the car is moving, and the brain has a much better ability to get that information out.

This difference in intelligence and cognitive ability between humans and machines is why the world of robotics is going through a massive technological transformation, he said, and what makes it even more important for humans.

“As the demand increases for people to do tasks with less of a human input, there is going be a huge amount of opportunity for machines to take over the jobs that people are doing,” Dixon explained, pointing to examples like shopping malls and warehouses, which have been the biggest driver of job growth in recent decades.

“What you’re going see is people replacing humans in these jobs,” he added.

It’s the same with many other tasks that require a lot or no human input.

“People are moving from having to walk to having to drive,” he noted.

For people like retail employees, for instance, the job of finding the right item to buy has gotten easier and the pace of moving has gotten faster, Dixon noted.

“If you can find a product that you think you’ll like, that is what you are going to do,” he explained.

“And that’s why the retail industry is going out of business.

That’s why it’s gone into warehouses and the logistics industry.

It is not just the ability to walk, but the ability of the brain, the ability that the muscles, the joints, and everything else to respond to what the human is doing is the same.”

The reason for this shift is not entirely clear.

“This is a really complicated question, but it’s something that’s going to affect everything,” Dixon told Mashable.

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