In the aftermath of a fire in an Adelaide home, a series of videos and photos emerged, showing what appeared to be kitchen remodeling done by contractors using materials that have never been used before in Australia.

The videos were published by the South Australian website The Truth About Home Security and it was only after a lengthy investigation by The ABC’s ABC Local podcast that we were able to obtain some additional footage.

There were no details as to how much the contractors paid for the kitchen renovations, but the work was said to be done by a contractor named K.J. Hester, who worked for a company called Hester Homes.

Hester Homes is one of several companies who use home improvement contractors in Australia to remodel and repaint homes and apartments.

They have a long history of remodeling homes and have been working in Australia for decades.

In 2014, a company based in Sydney called L.C.B.H.

S was paid $1.5 million for a house in Sydney’s north.

A contractor called C.R.L.I.A. hired by L. C.

B .

H. S. to repaint the home and install new plumbing was paid a whopping $5.5m for a Sydney home.


R .


H .

S has since shut down and is now listed on the market for $1,900,000.

Many of these companies are part of a large international community of home improvement firms.

We spoke to a number of the contractors in these videos who confirmed that they did indeed use wood, concrete and glass to build the kitchen remodel.

One contractor, who preferred not to be named, said that they used a combination of wood, glass and plastic to construct the kitchen.

“The kitchen was built with concrete slab and wood and concrete slab.

It’s really a mix of all the materials that you can find,” the contractor said.

Other contractors said they used the same materials to build other kitchen projects.

This contractor said that it used cement to construct an interior wall.

Another contractor said they built a window frame using concrete and wood.

While this contractor has previously worked for contractors who have never used wood or concrete, they have also built many other kitchen remodels.

These videos and photographs were produced by the Adelaide-based Australian National University’s research group, The Truth about Home Security.

For more information about the project, visit:

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