In the summer of 2018, the sun set over the desert and a dusty, empty city began to take shape.

For the next several days, it was just a pile of debris.

But then it began to rain.

The rains turned the sand into a beautiful, flowing carpet of mud.

The sand and water gradually mixed together, forming a network of mudbanks that stretched for miles.

A group of young boys was playing in the mud and had built a bridge.

Their friend helped him build it, and the children of the area began to come and play.

For a few days, everything was good.

Then, on the fourth day, the rains began to pick up again, and it became more difficult to walk.

A few days later, there was a thunderstorm, and when the water finally began to rise, the rain started to fall again.

The boys of the village were worried that they would have to leave and stay in the city for a while, and decided to take the opportunity to go to a nearby town to see if they could get shelter there.

They did not expect to be there for two days, however, and by the time they returned to the village, they had only been able to find shelter for three days.

The weather that day was the worst in the year.

As the rain fell, it would turn into a flood, with the water turning a green colour that looked like green mud.

At first, the villagers were scared, but eventually, they came to understand that it was a natural phenomenon that had occurred naturally.

The next day, they saw that there was no way they could leave their home, and that if they stayed they would be killed by the mud.

When the rains returned, it made it even harder for the villagers to leave.

The water would start to fill their homes and cause the water to boil and turn to oil.

It would also make them ill.

In order to make matters worse, many of the villagers had to use the local roads and to walk to work or school, and many had to go out for food.

The villagers decided to leave, but they did not have enough money to leave the town.

So, they decided to go back and try to live in a town that was still in the middle of construction.

For months, the people of the city have been living under the water, and as they get tired and suffer from sickness, they are going back to the middle class.

As they leave, the water is still rising, and they are forced to wait for the next flood.

The city’s residents are desperate to leave their homes, and so they decide to move to another city, a town they cannot afford to leave yet.

The residents of the town are now living under a different roof and are working on the new house, but are unable to live there, because it has been built on top of the water.

In the meantime, they do not have any place to put their clothes, and their food is not cooked.

The people of Marawi want to move out, but have to pay for it and have to wait in the desert for months.

The government of the Philippines is in the process of trying to bring about the evacuation of Marawas, but the Philippine military and police have blocked the way.

In addition to the water that is now in the streets, there are now no roads in the area.

The situation in Marawi is not unique.

In October 2017, the Philippines suffered its worst floods in its history.

The flooding was caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon, which brought heavy rains and flooding to parts of the country and led to the deaths of at least 16,000 people.

In April 2018, an estimated 1.3 million people were displaced by the flooding, and over 5,000 were killed.

Many of those displaced were women and children.

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