The 2017 remodeling craze is about to get a lot more exciting, as home improvement specialists are expected to ramp up their efforts to attract more people to the hobby.

The annual remodeling industry boom, which was initially expected to generate more than $1 billion in spending by 2020, has been slowed by the threat of the new president’s proposed $10 billion border wall and his budget cuts to domestic programs.

The surge in activity, however, has revived the hobby with a new influx of people looking to buy and remodel their homes.

More:Home improvement specialists have been ramping up their recruitment efforts to reach out to new buyers, which is driving demand for their services.

The number of home remodels performed annually is expected to reach more than 8 million by 2020.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the number of homes being sold in 2017 was the highest in seven years, with prices surging from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $2.6 billion in 2017.

The industry is growing, but the new wave of interest is having a big impact on the prices of new homes.

For some, the new interest means that the cost of home improvement is becoming less expensive and more attainable.

But for others, the cost has also increased.

According to a report from the American Institute of Certified Home Builder (AICB), prices of existing homes have increased about 50% in the past five years and that of new ones by nearly 100%.

While that might seem like a small difference, it’s a significant one.

For the average household, the annual cost of a new home is roughly $150,000, which works out to about $4,000 per square foot.

But that figure is going up exponentially, and for those who need to buy more, the increase can be even higher.

To understand what that means for you, let’s take a closer look at how much you could save by buying a new house.

First of all, a new family can save about $1,400 in a year by buying their first home.

That’s because many home improvement services require you to pay upfront to install a home’s components.

For example, a home may need a faucet, door knob, and other fixtures, and it will typically cost you a lot to do it yourself.

In addition, home improvement companies often offer a “service tax” on the final price of your home.

This is often referred to as a “baggage fee” that typically ranges between 5% and 10% of the final sale price.

So if you’re not planning on buying a house, you might be better off just paying the tax.

If you’re planning on building a home yourself, the tax isn’t a problem.

The real cost of remodeling is the labor involved in the project, and remodeling firms are often more lenient than building firms.

In some cases, remodeling contractors are allowed to charge labor charges up to 30% of their project price.

So if you don’t plan on paying any upfront labor fees, you’re better off saving money by buying your first home rather than investing in the expensive remodeling process.

Another reason to save money on home improvement could be to reduce the risk of having a leaky roof.

If you buy your first house before the remodeling starts, the water damage will not have to be fixed, because the home will be covered.

But if you wait until the remodel is underway, then the roof could leak, leaving you vulnerable to water damage.

The good news is that you can easily reduce your risk by buying home improvement that requires less labor.

For instance, home insurance companies will typically provide coverage for about half of the cost for a home that requires no labor.

So buying a home with no labor, or one with less than $500,000 in assessed value, will help lower your overall risk of getting a leak.

The number of people who own a home in the U.S. has grown from 4.5 million in 2000 to 6.2 million in 2017, according to the U,S.

Census Bureau.

But according to The National Association for Home Build, that growth has slowed to about 2.5 percent.

While that is not as dramatic as the recent boom in remodeling, it still represents a decline from the 6.8 million homes sold in 2016.

The home remodelling boom is also being driven by the number and popularity of the so-called DIY home improvement kits.

These kits can cost as little as $20 and allow home owners to build their own kitchen, bathrooms, and floors.

These can be used to replace appliances, replace walls, and build new flooring.

They can also be used for renovation of existing structures or as part of an insurance policy.

Home improvement kits are becoming more popular among younger generations, as well, which has led to a boom in the number.

The home improvement industry is expected by

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